Because of the prevalence of fraud and charge-backs on credit card transactions, we are only able to ship internationally with approved payment processing. More information coming shortly.


Due to the ever-changing legal landscape surrounding hemp, due to State laws, we are unable to sell Hemp-Derived Delta-8, Delta-9, Delta-10 to the following States:
Alaska, Colorado, Delaware, Idaho, Iowa, Montana, New York, Nevada, North Dakota, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont, Utah, and Washington
Any orders coming through with a shipping address going to these States will be canceled and your payment refunded. We don’t want to get in trouble, and we don’t want you to get in trouble. We try to keep up as much as possible with laws in various States. If you have any questions or updates, please contact us at Customer Service, and we will adjust our policy accordingly.
For HHC Products, we are shipping to all States at the current time.

ALAS, the Don’ts

Please Don’t mix this vape juice with other stuff… Adding water, glycerin, mixing it in other e-juices will screw with the chemistry, and you will get separation. Just a bit of friendly advice… So, alright, already. Just try it and ENJOY it!

Eliminate the Stink

Ok, seriously. No one likes to talk about it, but -if you vape distillates and oils, it stinks. The person stinks. The room they are in stinks. Because of the oil residue, it’s hard to get rid of it or air it out. People around you notice. With the NUUBÉZ clean vaporization and great taste, you eliminate all of these issues.

“NUUBÉZ” (FYI means Clouds in Spanish)

The NUUBÉZ vapes formulation has surprisingly good cloud production given the absolute lack of glycerin! It’s fun to vape and much more cloud production than distillate carts, but not enough that when you vape in the car and blow it out your window that cars behind you feel like they’re suddenly in a fog bank… As I said… ENJOY!

Way More Natural

The RHLM Nuubez vapes with the unique, patent-pending Bio-Amped process are focus on a natural ingredient called PDO combined with all natural flavors, highly concentrated hemp-derived actives, with a small amount of propylene glycol (oh, well, that’s not natural…). That’s basically it. PDO, hemp-derived concentrated distillates, propylene glycol, natural flavors blended in a patent-pending process and formulation. That’s it!

Fun to Vape

For people that want to just get plastered, they take a few hits of distillate, but it’s not really fun. The RHLM vapes are designed for people that like to vape and want to hit the vapes over and over again, dialing up a space that’s comfortable for you. When something tastes this great, who wants to hit it just once or twice??? This product will allow you to stay functional, feel good, hit it again and again over hours for that great feeling and longer-term experience.

Easy on the Lungs

This juice is easy, VERY easy on the lungs. Quit the coughing fits. When you vape distillates and oils, they don’t vaporize evenly. Think of what the range-top in your kitchen looks like after deep-fat frying. Imagine your lungs having that sticky tar crap in it. That’s the primary problem vaping oils and distillates. The lungs don’t have an easy way to clean out the residue. It causes coughing, lipid pneumonia, bronchitis, inflammation, irritation, shortness of breath (sounds like a list of side-effects from a pharmaceutical ad). You will be amazed at how cleanly this juice vaporizes with barely any effect (no effect?) on your lungs. Vaping this patent-pending new product won’t make you sound like you are coughing in the depths of a COVID attack. I’ll say it again – higher vaporization at lower temperatures leads to smaller, Bio-Amped particles that hit quick at micro-dosing. Flavors vaporize cleanly and taste better, yielding smoother, more robust flavor. See #2 above!!!!

Get It All

OK, seriously… This stuff wicks easy… What kind of hell is it to try to find something to stick down your carts to dislodge the concrete-like distillate stuck on the inside of the cylinder. Have you found yourself having to hit the pens really hard to pull the distillate through? With the patent-pending Bio-Amplified process, the juice flows easily, vapes cleanly, tastes great, and hits quick.

Enjoy the Flavor!

Yeah, everyone wants to feel the effect of their favorite cannabinoid, but why, why, why can’t it taste great! Here you go! Forget that burnt oil taste going in and breathing out… – Who enjoys that? You’ll be surprised by the crazy flavors possible with this new process. The NUUBÉZ clean, bright flavors change the nature of vaping Delta 9, Delta 8, HHC, CBD etc. Forget the burn flavor of the distillates and the propylene glycol burn. Gone. Gone. Gone!… You will be surprised, I guarantee it!

Bio-Amp’ed for Micro-Dosing

– Using our patent-pending process and formulation that provides 1 mg of active in every hit, you can feel the quick effect right away and dial up your dose to your desired effect. I think you’ll be surprised at how you feel at much lower dosing than you would think… For reference, there are about 100 hits per ml, so 3000 hits per 30 ml. At 1500 mg of active per bottle, each hit will give you ½ a mg of active. Don’t think you’ll feel it? I’d like to see your expression after a minute or two.

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